Here is the original guideline post for Hot Dad Week that includes the daily “prompts” we created. Feel free to do anythng and ignore the prompts, though, if you want. Anything goes, just make sure #hotdadweek or #team hot dads are in the first five tags.

An old friend from the Mark-1 Glory Days.

Hot Dad Week starts tomorrow, i hope yo all have your graphics/gifsets/fanart/fanfics at the ready!

heart a grenade



Hercules should be a name given to a hero.

Words: 1135, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

pacific rim September 11, 2014 at 01:53PM via AO3 works tagged ‘Pacific Rim (2013)’
Falling In



hauntedjaeger asked for Team Hot Dads, Mark-1 Glory Days. This is the sprawling result.

Words: 2925, Chapters: 2/?, Language: English

pacific rim September 12, 2014 at 08:02PM via AO3 works tagged ‘Pacific Rim (2013)’


herc/stacker; pre-movie [nc-17]

When Herc wakes up, his mind registers three things: that it’s three o’clock in the morning, that London hasn’t stopped raining since he arrived eight hours ago, and that Stacker is no longer in bed with him.

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Falling In 1/? (Pacific Rim, Herc/Stacker)


For hauntedjaeger, who asked for Team Hot Dads, Mark-1 glory days. Also at AO3. Please note: this part is rated PG-13; the rest of it probably won’t be.

Falling In

by Raine Wynd

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Join us for the 2nd annual “Hot Dads Awareness Week”, October 3rd-10th!

This time last year, Hot Dad Awareness Week had just wrapped up, and upon realizing that, the mods (rhllors and brodinsons) thought, you know what, why not again? But unfortunately, it was too short of notice to really use the same dates, so it’s been pushed back a month!

The basic concept is the same as most Appreciation Weeks: for a solid week or so, this blog will be in a flurry reblogging any and everything found in the “#hotdadweek" & "team hot dads" tags. Fanart, graphics, gifs, fics, as long as the two hottest Glory Days pilots are front and center! With the announcement of the imminent Pacific Rim sequel and tie-in materials, we have plenty to celebrate in the fandom, too. So mark your calenders and reblog this post.

Each day will have its own suggested theme, but these are only for people who need inspiration, and aren’t hard-and-fast by any means.

Day 1: Glory Days
Day 2: Drift Compatible
Day 3: Family
Day 4: Nostalgia
Day 5: AU
Day 6: War
Day 7: Last Man Standing

These are only meant as vague suggestions to spark creativity. We’ll be reblogging everything that comes our way throughout the week. All fan works will be accepted!

(And of course please reblog this to build up interest!)

this time last year was hot dad awareness week, so maybe think about possibly making us some stuff?? details incoming later this week.